Tapas restaurant Pata Negra was founded in 1997 by Pedro GarcĂ­a.

His wish was to bring Spanish food culture to the Netherlands, tapa culture!

In principle, the word TAPA has no culinary or gastronomic meaning. The word tapa literally means “lid”.

Sometime in the 17th century, the Spanish king issued an order. He asked the owners of the posadas (hostals) to give the coachmen something to eat with the wine they bought from them. Since then it has become a habit to place a slice of dried meat, ham, other sausage or cheese on top of the wine jug, as a kind of lid, tapa in Spanish.

Today, countless tapas are part of everyday life in Spain. The best part is sharing the tapas that come on the table with your friends and / or family. Everyone can try all these little culinary wonders at the same time. That is pure fun! And that is the intention.



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